Why aren't there any printed books here?

We have experienced some issues printing our graded readers so we are raising funds to print our books elsewhere.

We were previously using Amazon Kindle to print our books but we found that it was inconsistent with its printing. Some people did not have any problems while others had distorted images, the colour was off, and for us, the quality was not what we intended. With that in mind, we decided to pull off our books online to search for printing houses that provided better quality - and we found them.

Now, we are asking for your support to get these books - and future books - out to you in the format you prefer - in print. We currently have three books ready to print and a fourth book to create the illustrations and get it printed.

We apologise for the delay and the longer than usual wait, but we want to make sure that our books are the best quality, consistent, a true representation of what we are about as we have spent many years researching and creating these easy-to-read books.

Please take a look at our campaign for more details and make a pledge. Click here