About Spring Again, and Summer

About Spring Again, and Summer

Jane Austen, an English novelist writing between 1787 to her death 1817, published six major novels – Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814), Emma (1816), Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. The last two were published posthumously in 1818.

Austen’s novella, Northanger Abbey is not her most popular works but it offers an insight to a teenage girl experience the wider world.

Set in the late 18th England, Catherine Moore, the protagonist, goes on a journey to learn more about herself and her peers. Catherine’s views of the world has been shaped through gothic novels and her own imagination which is soon challenged while interacting with the real world. Northanger Abbey is a story that is about friendship, growing up and changes in the main character’s daily life and how it affects her. 

Austen’s work is relatable which lead us to look more closely at this story. It stood out to us the most as we were looking for a place to start writing our graded reader series and what better way to begin the series with a group of students who are also transitioning into a new area of their life?

Anyone studying language is well aware of the struggles it is to start or maintain another language. We start this series as a way to apply your skills through community and entertainment away from social media to help hone in your abilities at your pace freeing you from any pressures to perform and allowing you to be a part of a global classroom with peers in the same boat as you. 


The Korean graded reader we present to you is called “Spring Again, and Summer” in English and  <봄은 다시, 여름으로> in Korean.

In this story, the protagonist is Jo Seo-ha (family name is first) who is transitioning between high school to university with her friends from her hometown in Daegu. As she goes to Seoul, things are different but how Seo-ha interacts with the changes is where we meet her and walk alongside her journey.

Find out what happens in her journey - buy the set now and expand your Korean reading skills.


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