The Benefits of Reading In Korean

Learn New Vocabulary in Context

(left-right) 조서하 Jo Seo-ha and 박인호 Park In-ho

Understanding how a word is used in context helps with remembering how to use it correctly. Just like reading in your native language where you gain more words, the same concept can be applied to a foreign language. Learning in context starts to expand your vocabulary bank which helps build fluency in Korean.

Feel Accomplished

(left-right) 강민애 Kang Mi-yae and 조서하 Jo Seo-ha

Completing a book in any language gives the sense of accomplishment and it is the same in language learning.  Graded readers use language that learners are familiar with and so understanding the story without having to reach for a dictionary gives the reader a confidence boost in knowing that their language learning can be expanded beyond the textbook.

Read Modern Short Stories in Korean

냉면 Naengmyeon Cold Noodles

Reading materials in Korean for elementary and pre-intermediate levels are hard to find. Our easy-to-read stories helps practise what has been learned from textbooks and applied to help readers gain independence reading in Korean.


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