What is a graded reader and why do I need to use them?

What is a graded reader and why do I need to use them?

What are easy-to-read books?

Easy-to-read books help language learners to read in their target language. These books are also called “graded readers.” You can find many genres of easy-to-read books in fiction and non-fiction sections. Easy-to-read books use familiar words, grammar, sentences and illustrations to improve your reading. This is to help readers focus on understanding the plot without using a dictionary.

Reading at your level

To read at your level means that can read about 80% of the text, comfortably. All languages have a proficiency test that is a guide to which level you are working at. You can usually find a word list/grammar list for what you should know in your target language per level. If you are a beginner learner, for example, you can create a word bank to practise words don’t you know. That way, when you are reading, you can actively practise and improve your level.

What are the benefits of reading in Korean?

If you are only studying Korean or many languages, reading is very important. Reading in your target language builds fluency, and confidence and improves your understanding.

There is a discussion on using native-level resources to learn from as they are “authentic.” This will be too hard for new learners because there will be lots of unfamiliar languages to read. There will be many new words, grammar points, complex topics and sentence structures. Although it will be hard, it is also a good chance for exposure.

Using easy-to-read novels as part of your studies, you can:

1. Learn New Vocabulary in Context
It is important to learn new words in context so you can remember how to use them in the correct way. When you read in your native language, you learn new words. It’s the same concept in a foreign language. Reading and speaking go hand-in-hand. As you expand your words, it helps build fluency and speed in Korean.

2. Build Speed in Reading
You can build your reading speed because of the controlled language. Each chapter has limited new words, lots of repetition and simple sentences to help you read the entire book.

3. Feel Accomplished
Sometimes you don’t feel like your language journey is going anywhere. When you read an easy-to-read book, you use your knowledge to understand the topic in the book. When you complete a book in your target language, you can see how much you have learned. This gives you a confidence boost. These books complement your textbook, workbook and other materials.

These are our top three benefits of reading in another language. Explore reading in Korean to add to your study materials as you grow in your language learning.


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