About Us

Lang-Wich starts its story with two language teachers/learners who came together to solve a problem for language learners by creating easy-to-read graded readers for low-level learners. They met in a middle school in Busan back in 2017 and saw a need for these resources after Lee-Anne was looking for graded readers in Korean.

As they studied together in 2018, they learned that English and Chinese had great easy-to-read reading resources for learners called graded readers but Korean did not have anything similar. Many Korean reading resources were marketed for "beginners" but were far too difficult to read. So one day in a Study Cafe in Busan, Lee-Anne and Sungju begun the journey to create Korean reading materials for low-level learners.


Lee-Anne is a native English speaker from the UK, the co-founder of Lang-Wich and focuses on the operations of Lang-Wich.

Lee-Anne has an undergraduate in English Literature and Certified English as a Foreign Language (CELTA) certificate which gave her the chance to teach English abroad. She taught in China, South Korea and in the UK. She enjoys writing stories and loves creating content for language learners especially low-level learners - who are often overlooked. Recently, Lee-Anne got her Masters in Business Administration. In her spare time she studies Korean, Chinese, watches dramas and create stories. 

Contact - leeanne@lang-wich.com


Sung-Ju is a native Korean speaker, the co-founder of Lang-Wich and focuses on the product and marketing of Lang-Wich. All the books you read from Lang-Wich have been lovingly designed and developed by Sung-Ju.

Sungju has a first grade qualification as a secondary school teacher and an international Chinese language teaching certification. She has won awards in Chinese-language teaching competitions too. Recently, Sungju has completed her teaching certification to teach Korean to foreigners. Sungju has years of teaching experience and is passionate about design. She admires designers and is always looking at others to learn and grow her own skills. Sungju is currently learning German and maintains English and Chinese daily.

Contact - sungju@lang-wich.com


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