Spring Again, and Summer Part One

Spring Again, and Summer Part One

봄은 다시, 여름으로

This book is the first book we ever published! Find out what Jo Seo-Ha gets up to as she goes on a new adventure.

Northanger Abbey, 1803, Regency England

The Original Story

Northanger Abbey was written by Jane Austen. The story is about a young naive girl called Catherine Morland. At 17 years old, Catherine goes into new social circles and meets new people around her age. She falls in love with Henry Tilney and is invited into his family estate, Northanger Abbey. Catherine's imagines Gothic horrors that are not actually present. After a misunderstanding, Catherine leaves the estate. She returns home with new lessons learned about herself. The novel satirises the Gothic novel genre popular at the time. It explores themes of love, social class and what happens when our imagination gets the best of us.


Spring Again, and Summer, 2018, South Korea

Our Take on the Story

Spring Again, and Summer focuses on the main character, Jo Seo-ha who is Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey as she ventures out of her familiar town into the wider social world. Spring Again, and Summer zooms in on the social interactions Seo-ha has in the new environment she moves to after graduating from high school. Worried about the new changes in her life, Seo-ha has to face these facts as well as meeting new people and situations. The question is, how does she adapt to these changes in her life?


Graded Reader Features
Suitable for high beginner or pre-intermediate level
Lots of repetition
A glossary
Useful vocabulary and grammar structures that can be used in daily life
An audiobook and workbook are available

This is our first book in the Korean Classic Reader series

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