The Deeper the Darkness the Brighter the Stars Shine

The Deeper the Darkness the Brighter the Stars Shine

어둠이 깊어질수록 별은 더욱 빛난다

Our second book offers a slice-of-life approach to reading. Follow our main character, Kim Ji-Min in her life in Busan, South Korea.

Jane Eyre, 1847, Late Georgian-Early Victorian England

Original Story

Jane Eyre is an orphan who grows up to become a governess at Thornfield Hall. She falls in love with her employer, Mr. Rochester. Jane finds out that Mr. Rochester is married and lives in his attic hidden away. When Jane leaves Thornfield, she meets St. John Rivers who proposes to her. Jane declines the invitation and returns to Mr. Rochester. They reunite after his wife's death and the novel ends with their marriage. The novel gives us insight of the themes of love, social class, gender roles, and the search for independence and identity.


The Deeper the Darkness the Brighter the Stars Shine, Early-mid 2000s, South Korea

Our Take on the Story

The Deeper the Darkness the Brighter the Stars Shine looks at what the story of Jane Eyre could look like in modern day Korea with Kim Ji-Su as Jane Eyre. This slice-of-life story slows down and takes a look at Kim Ji-Su, a young girl who wants to win like everyone elese but her age, wealth, or power blocks her from being successful. Cut off from making friends by her older cousin, Ji-Su spends lots of time alone until an unexpected move that opens her up to friendships and experiences beyond her imagination. With each opportunity given to Ji-Su, how does she meet new people who help her grow and succeed?


Graded Reader Features

Suitable for high beginner or pre-intermediate level
Lots of repetition
A glossary
Useful vocabulary and grammar structures that can be used in daily life
An audiobook and workbook are available


This is our first book in the Korean Classic Reader series

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