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Korean Easy-To-Read Novel: Spring Again, and Summer [Ebook]

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An easy-to-read story written in Korean otherwise known as a graded reader is available for elementary learners to read without a dictionary. Knowing a large portion of the words, readers can focus on comprehension and enjoying the story, something that is hard to find for Korean language learners.


Spring Again, and Summer <봄은 다시, 여름으로> 
Busy in her final year of high school preparing for university, Jo Seo-ha had little time to imagine her new life in the big city but as she is faced with he big move away from her hometown, can Seo-ha adapt to the new changes in her life? Adapted from Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, this story is loosely based on Catherine Moore and her friends.


This is a digital download.  This eBook is available to purchase and read straight away on any device as a PDF.

This book includes ~ 

  • Introduction
  • 9 chapters of the novella
  • Glossary
  • Grammar List
  • Food List (that's mentioned in the story)


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Customer Reviews

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Bethany Irwin
A great beginner book!

There are not many leveled readers out there for Korean learning so I was so happy to find this book. It is a great book for beginners and other levels as well if you want to practice reading fluency. I mostly used this book for fluency, comprehension, and learning to enjoy reading without looking up words, but when I was a beginner I would have loved this. I really liked that they had the new vocabulary words marked. It was also great to see that the words used are common words you see a lot. I really hope they have more books coming!