Korean Cuisine and Graded Readers

Korean Cuisine and Graded Readers

Spicing Up Your Language Learning with easy-to-read cookbooks in Korean

We created Sam Sam Sam Magazine to blend language learning into your everyday activities like cooking.
This makes it easier to remember vocabulary in context. By using our system of grading Korean for low-level learners, you become familiar with sentence structures.
We use short stories to help you see the new vocabulary in context.
We use lots of repetition and large beautiful photos to help you with your learning.
Sam Sam Sam gets its name from the number three in Korean.
Each edition of our magazines looks at different themes. Our first edition, for example, explores Korean Summer Food. You’ll get to uncover three popular Korean dishes and even learn how to whip them up in your own kitchen!
This series came from a conversation we had about using Korean in our everyday lives. Sung-Ju, a native Korean stays up-to-date with the latest food trends in Korea. She enjoys trying new foods and is eager to help non-native Koreans learn about Korean cuisine.
About This Series
Our carefully crafted series is made for high-beginner level learners. It’s suited for those who are comfortable with Korean and want a challenge in their journey and those who are interested in K-food.
Each edition of Sam Sam Sam is short – so far we’ve kept it limited to 32-34 pages long and written entirely in Korean.
If you have read our Korean Classic Reader Series this magazine is also the same level with similar features.
There are footnotes and activities designed to help you learn new words.
Like any other cookbook, we have included high-quality photographs for you to see what delicious dish you will be creating. We’ve slipped some short stories about Korean food culture for you to read while you eat.

Vocabulary Available on YouTube

There is a YouTube video on our channel that has a visual word list of everything included in this series.
Join us in this journey of learning Korean through the delightful world of its cuisine. Spice up your language learning process with ‘Sam Sam Sam’ and savour the richness of Korean culture, one dish at a time.

Learn more about each eBook by clicking on the pictures below

First Edition

Second Edition


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